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    Starting a Business in Japan?

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    How to Start your business in Japan.

     Foreign corporations will set up two types of companies in Japan.

     Incorporations (Stock Company)

     Incorporations (Godo Kaisha, LLC )


    Procedures of commercial and corporation registration for foreign nationals and expatriates

     In the case where a foreign national establishes a company in Japan, or where an officer of a company or corporation lives abroad, handling of registration procedure is as follows.


    Residence of the representative director

     The previous requirement that at least one of the representative directors in the domestic company has an address in Japan has been abolished. The application for the registration of incorporation of a domestic stock company and the application for the registration of change of representative director of the company will be accepted, even if all of the representative directors do not have addresses in Japan.

     Therefore, even if all the representative directors live abroad and they are not Japanese, the application for the registration of incorporation of a company in Japan will be accepted.


    Preparation of Company Structure

     Please decide the purpose and activity of your business, the trade name, location, capital, shareholder and company directors.

     It’s not necessary a company director will be resident of Japan.However if you want to start a company smoothly and in minimal time, it is important to have a director who is a resident of Japan.


    Creation of Articles of Incorporation and Certification

     We will create articles of incorporation of your company, we’ll check the availability of your trade name and prepare the required documents to be submitted. We will create documents both English and Japanese. After you signed the articles of incorporation, we will be notarized by a notary public for you.


    Payment Certificate

     If a stock company is to be incorporated by hokki-setsuritu, the method by which incorporators subscribe for all shares issued at incorporation, a document evidencing the completion of payment of the contribution (a “Payment Certificate”) must be attached to the application for the registration of incorporation.

    A sealed document which contains the following two documents can be accepted as a Payment Certificate.


    1. A document certifying the amount paied to the banks or other institution that handles the payment (the “Payment Handling Institution”) (Prepared by the representative director at incorporation or the representative executive officer at incorporation)


    2. A copy of a deposit passbook of the Payment Handling Institution, or a bill of transaction, or other documents prepared by the Payment Handling Institution


    Payment Handling Institutions

     The Payment Handling Institutions include not only main and branch offices of domestic banks located in Japan, but also branch offices of foreign banks located in Japan (which are permitted by the Prime Minister to be established).

     Also, domestic bank branch offices located abroad are included. Domestic bank branch offices will be shown in a certificate of registered matters of the bank.

     However, note that overseas subsidiary established under the foreign law is not the domestic bank branch office, and is not included in the Payment Handling Institutions”.


    〈The Payment Handling Institutions 〉

    Domestic bank main and branch office located in Japan

    (e.g.: Osaka branch of Tokyo Bank) Yes

    Domestic bank branch office located abroad

    (e.g.: New York branch of Tokyo Bank) Yes

    Foreign bank branch office located in Japan

    (e.g.: Tokyo branch of New York Bank) Yes

    Foreign bank branch office located abroad

    (e.g.: Boston branch of New York Bank) No


    Creation of Additional Documents

     Proof of remittance, proof of residence (of the resident director) etc and other documents are submitted to the legal Affairs Bureau.


    Registration of Stock Company

     We’ll prepare all required documents for you, you’ll be sign/seal these documents. When we’ll register to the Legal Affairs Bureau,Your company will be official.

    After this you’ll want to open your company bank account, submit Report for Bank of Japan,initial tax filing and social insurance procedures for your company. If you are interested in our services, please contact us.



    Incorporation (Stock Company)

    Registration tax 150,000 yen

    Commission of Notary 5,2000 yen

    Our commission 150,000 yen (consumption tax not included)

    Registration book 500 yen

    Initial tax filing 10,000 yen

    Report for Bank of Japan 40,000 yen

    Translation of articles of incorporation 60,000 yen

    Translation of share transfer agreement,.etc 60,000 yen


    Incorporation (Godo Kaisha,LLC )

    Registration tax 60,000 yen

    Our commission 150,000 yen (consumption tax not included)

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